„time said“(2007)
performative lecture

duration: 3x 20 min
video footage: Werner Herzog, Valie Export, Bruce Nauman
documentation/camera: Sarah Spies, John Pearson

„And is not human life in many parts of the earth governed to this day less by time than by weather, and thus by an unquantifable dimension which disregards linear regularity, does not progress constantly forward but moves in eddies, is marked by episodes of congestion and irruption, recurs in ever-changing form, and evolves in no one knows what direction?“
(W.G. Sebald)

Refering to Henri Lefebvres claim of interconnectivity of theory and practice I gave a „performative lecture“ at the „repeat, repeat“ conference at the Centre for Practice as Research in the Arts (CPARA).
The performative lecture is built around the repetition of favourite activities. Repetition doesn't necessarily imply the regularity which is often associated with it. I explore the way in which the perception of repetition is temporary and aim to interweave the practice of bodily discourse with theoretical negotiations. Repetition is considered as a tool for composition or a way of proceeding in live subjectivity.
I propose to share a route of moving thoughts and to re-consider the concept of repetition in choreographic processes as well as in the personal chronology of life events. The chronology inherent in re-visiting situations in our personal history unravells how we repeat ourselves on a personal as well as on a collective level.