Private Investigator's Dream Machine
Synes Elischka & Mariella Greil & Christian Schröder

PID Machine is currently work in process.

The collaboration with Synes Elischka (video/installation/max msp) and Christian Schröder (sound/max msp) deals with the interleave of media, dance/performance and film/new media by means of a performative work.station. The work imagines an (im)possible future of a body that multiplies, modifies and transgresses itself; a micro-choreography evolves of a body without organs, morphing and doubling. A cruel, sensous and strangely poetic monstrosity made through relentless distortion with the help of the mirrormachine. PID machine imagines the grim perversion of processed body images and pseudo-organic symmetry in fluid, fleshy and futile creatures.

PID documented

MAK nite 2010


vadfestival in girona

TV3 report/Spain



pressebild pid1

pressebild pid2

pressebild pid3

pressebild pid4