trilogy (2005)
s wish / lAUT / eavesdrop

duration: 30 min
performance: Mariella Greil
sound: Alexander Wallner
light: Bernadette Reiter
camera: Kurt Hoerbst

The performance trilogy is based on movement monochromes.
s wish is a meditation on the torsional moment - lAUT a permanently recurring „NO“ and eavesdrop reflects the gaze of the voyeur framed by a gap. The collaborative project works with reduction and repetition as a compositional tool and pursues the synaesthetic fusion of bodyscape and soundscape.

s wish
The painting „Black Circle“(1923) by Kasimir Malewich was the initial inspiration for the composition along with the desire to reflect the bodily perception of geometrical spaces. Pivoting around the bodys physical axis, which is turning around the vertical axis of the space creates a spinning motion on the floor. A sophisticated microperformative use of shifting is central for the work and the continuous pivoting with variations introduces a scraping sound, which, as a permanent acoustic element, is immanent in the piece. Music and dance are no longer perceived individually. The looping sound becomes part of the music, the music part of the motion. Soundscape and movement are monochrome.

In german phonetics „Laut“ is the smallest acoustically articulated entity of spoken language. In this part of the performance an articulated detail is singled out, amplified and projected. lAUT (in an inversion of case sensitivity) constitutes from focussed reduction, intensity through high sound density and concentrated movement material. A physical action in resonance with Yvonne Rainers NO manifesto.

Eavesdropping the poem of the animalcule and submerging in bodyscape. Caressing light through a crevice illuminating the concealed.
"Let's just say we are looking for patches of sunlight" (Hakim Bey)