Featured projects

Choreo-ethical Assemblages – Narrations of Bare Bodies
is a research project led by Mariella Greil. In dialogue with international specialists from the fields of Performance, Philosophy and Therapy, she explores the various relations and intersections between the three research areas with a focus on practices/forms/methods of Being-In-Contact, investigating, reflecting and synthesising the sharings and differences between them.

Being in Contact: Encountering a Bare Body
In both the written component of a choreographed book, and in the creative component consisting of the live event of a lecture performance inhabiting an anarchive, I explore the concept of bare bodies and how to encounter them in contemporary choreography. The digital anarchive is a kind of research repository that can be accessed here: https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/505199/505200

Choreo-graphic Figures : Deviations from the Line Key-Researcher together with Nikolaus Gansterer and Emma Cocker. With ‘arts-based research’ at its heart, Choreo-graphic Figures: Deviations from the Line stages an interdisciplinary, inter-subjective encounter between the lines of drawing, choreography and writing in order to investigate those forms of ‘thinking-feeling-knowing’ produced within collaborative exchange.

The blog “fabric of trust” is a collaborative contribution of Mariella Greil and Martina Ruhsam for the symposium “On Collaboration”. Feel free to browse and download the collection of texts on the topic!

Associate Researcher - Performance Matters creative research project - a dialogue with Emily Sweeney